Monday, October 6, 2014

Immediate post-operative rhinoplasty instructions to be followed!

Pre and post-operative rhinoplasty instructions are must to be followed by patients, if wanting optimal results from the surgery. Following are few instructions that are to be adhered after the procedure:

Immediately after the procedure
  • Packing: Patients who have undergone nose job for enhancing their appearance and rectify their breathing problem, a small loose packing will be placed just into the nostrils. Patients must not touch or remove it, till the time surgeon does not assist it to do.
  • Nasal Bandage: A small bandage under the tip of the nose is placed. Oozing is common to happen, but patient must not think about it as with time it will stop. In case not, then one must visit surgeon.
  • Dressing: A small silicone splint is placed by rhinoplasty specialist in NYC or elsewhere. It is a protector and helps to keep the newly sculpted nasal bones onto their position. One needs to make sure that neither the splint is removed nor it should get wet.
First week after surgery

  • Apply ice:  Swelling and bruising is common to happen. Cold moist compression is an effective method to minimize swelling and bruising.
  • Puffiness: Puffiness is pronounced on the second morning after a facial plastic surgery. However, there is no cause for concern to it, as it is normal and expected.
  • Discoloration: Yet minimal chances to occur, but there are patients who might face it. Therefore, to rectify this problem recommended post-operative medications must be taken carefully.
  • Nasal Stuffiness: It occurs during the week after surgery. The application of ointment twice a day will lubricate the nasal, thus reducing stuffiness. In accordance to it, one must not blow their nose or use nose drops without surgeon recommendations.
  • Bleeding: In rare cases, bleeding occurs. First aid instructions to be followed are: Lie down and elevate head, use cold compressions on the nose, use a piece of cotton with nose drops or Visine, and place it on the bleeding area.
  • Pain: Discomfort does occur but for a limited period. Mild headache is common to happen. Prescribed pain tablets are to be taken.
  • Sleeping: One must sleep with the head elevated. Two pillows must be used. This helps decrease the amount of swelling and lessens the chances of bleeding.
  • Exercise: Limited, instead no exercise should be done during the first week. Exercise not just implies yoga or gym activities, but also strenuous work that might cause bleeding.
  • Avoid blood thinners: Do not use Aspirin as it promotes which can eventual cause bleedings.

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